PORTLAND, Ore. -- In about six hours Monday morning, more than 1,000 cars had circled through IKEA's parking lot, where KGW had teamed up with Cintas Document Management for a special Shred Day, on the road and in honor of Earth Day.

The first 500 cars to arrive received IKEA gift cards.

By 11:30 a.m. Cintas estimated that about 35,000 pounds of paper had been shredded. All told 46,000 pounds of paper were shredded by the end of the day, Cintas officials said.

IKEA is considered a worldwide leader in Earth-friendly business practice, making it a natural location.

The last Shred Day at KGW Studios was so popular that it caused traffic jams on SW Jefferson St. in downtown Portland. Nearly 16 tons of paper was shredded by noon during the last event, according to Cintas.

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