PORTLAND,Ore. -- iPhone users can take a picture of a pothole and link it to a map so City of Porltand maintenance crews can locate the problem with pinpoint accuracy.

People are taking advantage of this new iPhone app. So much so, staff is having trouble keeping up. At this rate, the backlog of complaints will lead to longer response times. The mayor's office is working on it.

We're learning, we're accommodating, said spokesman Roy Kaufman. And we hope that it's going to continue to be successful.
iPhone user George Domurot downloaded the app and sent the city a picture of a tired patch of roadway Monday.

He's also a developer.

So he's excited about the city's upcojing announcement, inviting the tech community to create more mobile phone apps to improve the function of the city.

That's pretty good. It got it right on the mark, really, actually. So we'll save that, said Domurot as he tried the Citizen Reports app for the first time.

Mayor Sam Adams will soon unveil a website where citizens can invent civic apps like this and have developers bring them to life.

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