BONNEVILLE DAM -- A hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail called Skamania Sheriff's Office on Thursday to report a suspicious man who was flashing himself, according to Undersheriff Dave Cox.

The report was filed sometime Thursday afternoon.

Katherine Heuthart's car was found near the Bonneville Dam, and the Pacific Crest Trailhead, Friday morning, at 1 a.m.

Cox said at this point investigators were not connecting the two events. But he said I'd be remiss if we don't follow through on all of the leads that we have.

He added that the flasher occurrence was just one of several leads in the Heuthart case.

Sharon Ward, a longtime search and rescue specialist who spent part of Monday on Table Mountain, said that the trails have been searched really well and that it was frustrating to be unable to find her.

Search and rescue people do the best jobs they can every time they go out. We follow up on clues - because really, nobody ever knows what happened until that person's found. It's just a big mystery.

Ward added that people were looking everywhere they knew to look for Katherine Heuthart.

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