PORTLAND -- Marysville School students displaced by fire will attend classes in their new school starting Monday morning.

Volunteers worked around the clock to make it happen, following last week's 3-alarm fire.On Monday, teachers planned to use art and writing to help students work through their emotions. Counselors will also be available for every classroom.

When Marysville school went up in flames Tuesday afternoon, all those kids managed to escape without a single injury. Watching their school burn was traumatic, but when they go back to school Monday, they'll have a comforting building designed just for them.

Welcome home signs were already up at Rose City Park School over the weekend, as volunteers prepared the into temporary quarters.

Fourth grade teacher Cynthia Stubenrauch said she was overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of help and support.

I'm sure our kids feel loved and that's what we need, said Stubenrauch. What we do is about love. We really put our lives into this. I don't believe you can effectively teach unless you are completely in love with what you do.

That love has spilled over from parents and teachers throughout the region.

Karen Morgan was helping Stubenrauch with chairs and desks. She's a teacher herself in the North Clackamas District who was displaced from her own classroom when it flooded a few years back.

Buildings are important but the school is all about the poeple inside, said Morgan.

Positive lessons are already coming out of the ashes.

Teachers here are receiving touching letters from students in other schools. Stubenrauch has been reading those letters with colorful artwork of their school on fire and kids going for the exits.

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