PORTLAND, Ore. Swine flu cases in Oregon have hit a plateau, according to health officials, but with a decline inn vaccines and the approaching holiday-travel season, it s possible they will increase as winter approaches.

The Centers for Disease Control reports the H1N1 vaccine remains in short supply in the Portland metro area. Last week 45,300 doses of vaccine were allocated to Portland by the Oregon Immunization Program. But this week, there were only 33,100 doses. That led many agencies to cancel vaccine clinics.

In Washington County Friday, all school-based clinics were canceled because of the shortages.

Officials said they would like to bolster supply for medical providers to better target the most vulnerable populations.

Since September 1, officials said 1,044 people have been hospitalized in Oregon with flu and 34 have died. Five children died from flu, four of the children had special needs -- two with cerebral palsy. Two Oregon children died outside the hospital, public health officials said.

Washington County estimates more than 270,000 people fall within the priority groups -- pregnant women, caregivers of infants under, people 6 months to 24, and anyone up to 64 with chronic medical conditions and health care workers.

Officials said they anticipated enough vaccine by early 2010 to vaccinate everyone who wants to be protected.

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