Longoria in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland has always led the way for green homes, condos, grocery stores and outdoor outlets.

Now housed in the evolving Leftbank building, where eco-conscious is more than just lip service, the next step may have just arrived as the "Greenville project."

Partners Jae Larsen, Butch Klein and Hollywood starlet Eva Longoria are behind it all.

Using Portland as a home base, Greenville hopes to turn big box strip malls into locally-owned eco-friendly escapes where shoppers walk native plants and rainwater collectors before entering energy efficient sustainably built stores.

"Portland is rated the number one greenest city in the nation and soon to be one of the greenest economies in the world so we thought why not go to a city that's going to embrace what the Greenville project is trying to do," Larsen said.

Their mission is appeal enough for those concerned about the environment.


I'm lucky enough to have a voice to give to this project, but it's not the only voice and that's why we want to create this change," Longoria said, in Portland Thursday to promote the project.

Greenville is still negotiating the location of their first site, but they hope to break ground soon and be up and running within the next two years.

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