PORTLAND -- The recent unseasonably rainy weather has stopped, and another heat wave is expected this week with sunny skies and temps in the upper 80s and 90s.

KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill predicted a four-day stretch of about-90-degree days, starting Monday.

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Saturday's temperatures topped out at 85 degrees in Portland, and people in the metro area were out enjoying the comfortably sunny weather in lakes, rivers and fountains downtown. Sunday hit 88 degrees.

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The 90-degree days were projected to last through Friday, until temps cooled a bit to the mid-80s.

That hot weather also ushered in increased fire dangers, especially for central and eastern Oregon.

Two of the country's largest wildfires, the Buzzard Complex fire in the eastern part of the state and the Carlton Complex fire in Washington, continue to burn hundreds of square miles of land.

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