PORTLAND -- A 29-year-old Springfield man who supplied a gun used to kill three people was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Portland to more than seven years in prison.

Corey Eugene Wyatt apologized to the families of victims in the 2011 Northwest crime spree and said he feels the weight of murders committed by David Joey Pedersen.

Wyatt pleaded guilty to giving Pederson a gun and helping dispose of a stolen vehicle.

Background: Supremacist pleads guilty in NW killing rampage

Court documents show Wyatt met Pedersen while the two were serving time in Oregon State Prison, and he knew Pedersen was a convicted felon when he gave him the weapon.

Pedersen told (Wyatt) that he needed a gun to commit robberies, so he could acquire money and other guns to start a white supremacist 'revolution,' the sentencing memo reads.

Pedersen pleaded guilty to killing his father and stepmother in Everett, Washington, and charges related to the killing of a teenager on the Oregon coast and a man in Eureka, California, as part of the supremacist scheme.

Pedersen will be sentenced in federal court on Aug. 4, according to his court-appointed attorney.

Timeline: Four people killed in three states

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