SALEM -- Deputies are warning people in a Southeast Salem neighborhood to watch out for their small children and pets because a 10-foot boa constrictor is on the loose.

The snake's owners said it slithered out of their second-story window at 825 Treewood Lane SE in Salem, possibly as long as four days ago.

We are asking other residents to be mindful of their pets and small children until the snake can be located, said Sergeant Chris Baldridge of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

The owners called deputies for help finding the 23-year-old female snake, appropriately named Nomad. They were worried that it could have reached other homes in the neighborhood by now.

Deputies have searched the area but were unable to locate the snake, Baldridge said. Residents close to the home are being contacted by deputies and made aware of the situation.

The snake is green and tan and, despite its name, does not have a red tail.

Anyone who spots the snake should call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503-588-5032.

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