EUGENE, Ore. -- The University of Oregon is banning three former basketball players from campus for at least four years after the men were accused of gang rape last month.

The Oregonian reported Monday that the university confirmed the campus suspensions.

Dominic Artis, Brandon Austin and Damyean Dotson are suspended for at least four years while the victim finishes up school, but no longer than 10 years.

The players were kicked off the team in May, but now the female student, who will be starting her sophomore year, won't be seeing them on campus anymore.

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She accused the three men of rape in a graphic police report after a party in March. They were never criminally charged because of conflicting statements by the victim that the district attorney said would be too hard to prove in court.

Her attorney, John Clune, talked about it with the newspaper, saying, This is the right result that we wanted out of the judicial process. It allows her to go to school at the university, so I think this is a huge hurdle for her to be over with.

The lawyer for Dominic Artis said he wasn't surprised by the suspension. Greg Veralrud sent this statement to the paper:

The university's president, without hearing or effort to impartially review facts first, dismissed the students from the team, all but declaring them guilty. While perhaps providing some cover from the broad attacks on the university's handling of the initial complaint, those statements surely dictated today's action.

U of O gave permission last month for all three players to talk to other schools. Artis visited St. John's University in New York City to talk about playing basketball there, according to several reports. They had recruited him out of high school.

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