VANCOUVER A gun control group and a pro gun group camped out within feet of one another in Esther Short Park Tuesday.

While the two groups appear to be on opposite sides of the gun debate, they both agree it s important for parents to talk about whether there is a gun in their home or not.

The Vancouver chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gathered in the park with parents and political leaders to kick off a new campaign Tuesday.

The group is urging parents to talk with other parents about whether they keep guns in their homes. The campaign wants to raise awareness about guns in the homes as kids begin to play this summer. A spokesperson said the group is trying to make it less awkward for parents to raise the issue.

What we re trying to do is encourage parents to ask if there s a gun in somebody s house before letting their kids play there, said Heidi Yewman of the Brady Campaign. When you ask the question and if the answer is no, there s no problem. If the answer is yes, you need to make sure the gun is properly stored.

On the other side of the park about half a dozen supporters of Washington s open-carry laws gathered at the same time. A member of that group said they agree with the idea.

Any responsible parent should ask, What s in your household? if your child is going over to play, said open-carry supporter Larry White. It s also a good thing to talk about it so they know what a gun is, what it can do and what the acceptable behavior is.


Cornelius Swart contributed to this report

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