TROUTDALE, Ore -- Students who returned to Reynolds High School on Friday received a special gift intended to pick their spirits up after this week s tragic shooting.

On Tuesday, 15-year-old suspect, Jared Padgett, walked into school with an AR-15-style rifle and nine loaded magazines. Padgett then allegedly shot and killed 14-year-old Emilio Hoffman and wounded teacher Todd Rispler before shooting himself.

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After the shooting, the school canceled end-of-year classes and finals.

But children at Hough Elementary in Vancouver wanted to put a smile on the faces of Reynolds students before they left for the summer. Hough kids created love packets and sent them to Reynolds students who returned to school Friday to pick up their belongings.

At Hough Elementary s Joy Team students do activities intended to spread joy and happiness around the community.

The love packets contain candy and a personal message of happiness from Hough Elementary kids.

It feels really happy and good, because I m helping spread happiness, said 3rd grader Yen Kubosawa.

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Fellow student Camryn Ellis explained the message she wrote and the gifts contained in her love packet.

This note says, Everything will be okay and the things we put in it [the packet] are a Jolly Ranchers and [chocolate] kisses, Ellis said.

Wyatt Sanchez, also in the 3rd grade, told KGW why he and the other children made the packets.

We want to make it so that everybody can have one and remember him [Hoffman], Sanchez said. I like making them because I like being kind to people.


Cornelius Swart contributed to this report

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