TROUTDALE -- Crowds of parents and other family members gathered at the Wood Village Fred Meyer, and waited to reunite with their Reynolds High School students after Tuesday morning s fatal shooting.

The emotions were high, and hugs were strong, students arrive by bus, and families were reconnected in a carefully coordinated evacuation of the school.

Photos: Parents reunited with their children

Over a dozen school buses and a handful of TriMet buses were used to transport students from Reynolds High School in Troutdale to Wood Village. Once there, students were unloaded into a massive staging area that police had cordoned off, as hundreds of parents stood behind police tape waiting for a glimpse of their loved ones.

One mom had heard her daughter was safe, but just wanted to find her and give her a hug.

Ijust want to hold her tight, and get her home.

Many parents were in communication with their children long before seeing them. Many checked phones for texts, emails and other updates from their kids.

One student said, it feels great to be back with his mom, and that it was pretty scary before he was reunited.

He described the scene of the shooting, saying he saw people running everywhere, like people screaming, we didn t know what was going on, and we just all went to the back of the classroom. We were all scared.

His mom, as expected, was relieved and happy to have her son back.

Ninth grader Abby Moss, 15, was in the school gymnasium close to the shooter.

I heard three gunshots. My PE teacher came out of her office screaming at another person 'You need to go hide!' Then I heard another shot, Moss said. [I'm] still shaken, but better now that I'm with my family.

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