RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- The World Cup starts Thursday, and the teams have a lot of odd requests for their hotel rooms. Brazilian newspaper Lance has released a list of these specific demands.

The French team insisted that all the soap in their hotel rooms be liquid soap, not bar soap. Team Uruguay can't deal with white noise, because they asked for a completely silent air conditioner.

Here are some other weird demands made by teams from around the world:

  • Australia: two large coffee machines in the rooms of four players
  • England: Video games room, exclusive use of gym, swimming pool, and one restaurant
  • Algeria: a Koran in each room
  • Ecuador:a video game room, and bananas from Ecuador in each room daily
  • Japan: a Jacuzzi in each suite
  • Portugal: a video game in each room
  • Costa Rica: a large break room with couches, TVs, and video games

Whether these amenities will help these teams win the Cup is yet to be determined. The first game in the tournament starts at 1pm PST on Thursday, between Brazil and Croatia.

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