SALEM A Milwaukie woman has been extremely lucky recently. In the past two months, she's won $102,000 from the Oregon Lottery.

Lorena Williams' lottery fortune started off small, with two wins of $1,000 each. Each time she bought a Crossword Riches Scratch-it, she won $1,000.

But at the end of the day on May 15th, that all changed.

She had a good feeling, so she decided to buy another ticket at the Sunny Corner Market. And this ticket was a winner as well.

At first she thought she had won another $1,000. But then she looked closer.

I always verify my tickets with the machine and I had missed a few numbers, it was for $100,000, said Williams as she claimed her prize in Salem. The clerk and I started hugging each other and I almost passed out!

Williams said she thinks her late mother sent her the good luck, since they used to play the crossword scratch-its together.

After taxes, Williams' winnings were a little over $67,000. And she already has plans on how to spend it.

I am going to go on a trip, pay off some bills and help some of my friends, Williams, an army veteran, said. It s great!

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