FLORENCE, Ore. -- A Eugene man trying to save a woman knocked off a log by an ocean wave Sunday was killed after the same log rolled over him, police said.

Crews were called just before 6 p.m. to the report a man had been run over by a log on the North Jetty beach near Florence, said Trooper Darrell Sheets of Oregon State Police.

Ming Hsieh, 58, was sitting on the log with family members when a wave rolled in too quickly for them to move out of its way, Sheets said.

Hsieh was reportedly trying to help one of his family members up off the sand in front of the log when receding water pulled the log back over him.

An off-duty firefighter at the beach performed CPR and said Hsieh had begun breathing again. But he was pronounced dead by the time an ambulance took him to PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center.

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