GEARHART, Ore. -- The community of Gearhart, Ore. will let a large herd of elk stay, despite the problems that come along with them.

The herd had been a fixture on the outskirts of town for quite some time, but took over downtown Gearhart in January.

The group of at least 50 elk chewed up some bushes, damaged the golf course, and held up traffic. But Mayor Dianne Widdop's biggest concern at the time was that they would attract crowds and somebody might get hurt.

Background: Herd of elk takes over Gearhart, Ore.

Widdop met with dozens of people in a community meeting Tuesday night and the group decided to leave the elk alone.

She said options were limited, anyway. It's illegal to hunt them and costs too much to trap them.

Photos: Herd of elk moves through Gearhart

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