PORTLAND-- Social media and personal feelings about gay rights sometimes create a toxic mix. It may have happened recently in Portland s Westmoreland neighborhood.

A video posted on Youtube suggests a new business owner believes it s okay to discriminate against gays.

But the owner, Chauncy Childs, says she s being taken out of context.

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We're not gonna, we don t discriminate against anybody, Childs said. We're not gonna refuse service to gay people. But the principal is, why should a business have to serve anybody they don t want to serve?

Childs owns the Moreland Farmers Pantry, a store that will open in a few weeks and specialize in organic food from local farms.

Portland restaurant owner and food blogger Nick Zukin criticized the video on Facebook, calling it super lame to research someone s personal views and then economically segregate them.

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But Portland blogger and writer Byron Beck shot back at both Zukin and Childs and issued a homophobia alert about the store on his Facebook page.

Since it's against state law to discriminate based on sexual orientation, KGW asked Byron Beck if it mattered what Childs thought?

Is there no difference between your belief and your action? Beck said. That's a very good question. And I think in the times that we live in, these social media times, I think if we put out what we believe on a social media platform, it is an action.

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