DARRINGTON, Wash. -- It's been tough to find a reason to smile in Darrington this past week, but on Sunday a pair of children turned some frowns upside down.

The landslide, as horrible as it is, has brought out the good in many people and prompted donations from the unlikely sources.

If there was such a thing as a smile bank, supplies there would be short.

Talon Lin is 7. His sister Anya is just a year younger. The siblings said they knew the community needed some sort of deposit.

You could call him piggy bank baseball or you just call him piggy bank, Talon said.

Their banks were full.

Talon and Anya said their little piggy banks were destined to feed their college fund.

The ordeal was real to the kids.

Michelle, their mother, is the owner of an Arlington business. Her commute doubled due to the slide. The family has quickly becoming experts in penny pinching.

But the kids were undeterred.

I decided to give it to the people who need help for the mudslide, Talon said.

Thank you so much. This is a wonderful thing you're doing. You're helping people, and I'd like to shake your hand, said firefighter Jeff McClelland.

The local firefighters gave the precocious pair a ride in a shiny red truck as a thank you.

They blew the siren for us. I'm going to be a firefighter and an animal doctor, Talon said.

We have been given so much this whole week and to see it's instilled in the children to give an help to people in need, it is what makes our community great, McClelland said.

Thanks to Talon and Anya, that smile bank once near empty is restocked and ready for the road ahead.

The kids, who live with their folks here in Darrington, said they're going to keep collecting change for the relief efforts wherever they can find it.

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