RIDGEFIELD, Wash. -- One day after a massive search began for a fugitive in Clark County, deputies think they've been close to Derral Kenny Mosby a few times, but have come up empty-handed.

The 36-year-old is wanted out of Lewis and Thurston counties for meth possession, trafficking stolen property and violating a restraining order.

Clark County sheriff's deputies said things between Mosby and his parents in Vancouver have been strained lately, but Mosby called his father around 2 p.m. Thursday, saying he was at the Gee Creek rest stop on southbound Interstate 5 with a bullet wound in his leg.

Background: I-5 rest stop briefly closed for fugitive search

Derral Mosby, Sr. called state troopers who then swarmed in and shut down the rest area. Using police dogs and a plane with a heat-sensing camera, there was no sign of Mosby. They did find the black Mercury deputies said Mosby had borrowed out of Thurston County, but no sign of blood inside as if he was injured.

Deputies said they tried calling Mosby's cell phone, but it went straight to voicemail. They used wireless technology to ping his location, and it came up near the rest stop.

About a mile away is the Mosby's former home on Northeast 29th Avenue and 199th Street, in Ridgefield. Deputies said it's vacant now, but police raided it early Friday morning.

There was a door we found that had been forced open, said Clark County Sgt. K.C. Kasberg. It's unknown for sure that it was him that did it, but there was nobody in that house.

Bill Davis lives behind that home and said knows the Mosbys. He was surprised to hear of the search for his neighbor's son on the news.

Then they said his name and we knew who it was, Davis said. So I went around and made sure all the doors were locked and windows were down and my cars were locked.

The most identifiable trait to look for in this search, Kenny Mosby is very tall, 6-foot-8. He's 220 pounds. Police don't have a clothing description. In the past he's been armed with a knife and a gun.

There's no formal search for him Friday, but police said he should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him should call 911.

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