BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Do you watch for the game or commercials? At $ 4 million a pop for 30 seconds during the Super Bowl, advertisers hope they score with you.

Now, you have a chance to tell them what you think, thanks to Dialsmith located in Beaverton.

Dialsmith is the leader when it comes to real-time opinions. The company has been asking for opinions for nearly a quarter of a century, whether it's about the State of the Union Address or a new TV pilot or the Super Bowl commercials.

The company's new technology called Slidermetrix is an on-line video rating system. It puts the user in control, rating the commercials second-by-second.

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Turn to the left if you don't like what you see or hear, or to the right if you like it. Dialsmith is partnering with and seven other media markets across the country to get real time reaction to the ads.

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Until now, these ratings happened in a small room with a focus group. This technology enables anyone anywhere to rate the ads on line, noted Frank Mungeam, KGW Digital Director.

These are the most expensive Super Bowl commercials in history. So what you think matters to advertisers.

One of the things that make it fun for visitors to a web site like yours, said David Paull, president of Dialsmith. After you rate the video, you actually get to see how your ratings compare to everyone else who has rated it before you.

Following the Super Bowl, all the data collected will be make public. Many of the commercials are online right now. You can start voting anytime.

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