SALEM A man who was arrested after a struggle with a police dog later told deputies that next time he could take him, according to deputies.

Joshua Stephenson, 35, of Eugene was arrested Friday after fleeing from police and briefly struggling with a police dog named Yo, according to Marion County Sheriff s Office Spokesman Sgt. Chris Baldridge.

You have a great dog, Stephenson said, according to Baldridge. He did his job very well, but next time in a fight I could take him.

Earlier that evening, Marion County Deputy Jerry Wollenschlaeger and his K9 police dog stopped Joshua Stephenson in the 5000 block of Deer Park Drive SE. Wollenschlaeger suspected that Stephenson had been driving under the influence, according to the sheriff s office.

But before Stephenson could be taken into custody he sped off, pitting rocks and turning his car sideways as he attempted to escape, Baldridge said.

Stephenson turned up a dead end driveway at Corban University and after coming to a stop, refused to comply with the deputy s commands. Stephenson exited his vehicle and began walking towards Wollenschlaeger, refusing to surrender, according to Baldrige.

The deputy released Yo, who then seized Stephenson by the leg. The man continued to resist and attempted to pry the dog s jaws open.

Together both Wollenschlaeger and Yo were able to take Stephenson into custody, according to the sheriff s office.

Stephenson was taken to the hospital briefly, then released to the Marion County Jail where he was charged with DUII, resisting arrest, endangerment, driving with a revoked license, attempting to elude and interfering with a police animal.

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