PORTLAND -- A woman whose 7-year-old son has a life-threatening peanut allergy is trying to stop the district from bringing pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly snacks into his school, according to a newspaper report.

The Portland Tribune reports that Grazia Cunningham's son attends a school so small that the students eat lunch in their classrooms, and such proximity to nut products could send him into anaphylactic shock.

She asked the school three months ago to stop bringing in Smucker's Uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, according to the report, but the district has said they meet nutrition standards and students prefer them.

Cunningham told the Tribune that parents at the school have already agreed to stop bringing in nut products, and they've started joining her push to ban the sandwiches.

At least one school board member agrees with Cunningham and has discussed the matter at meetings. But the school district has not yet released a formal statement on the issue.

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