SEATTLE - A Seattle family has their eyes set on Sochi, but recent security concerns are having an impact on their travel plans.

Kate Carcelen's husband, Roberto, took part in the 2010 Winter Olympics and now he's getting ready for Russia.

He is competing in the 15K cross country event for Peru, said Carcelen. We were planning on going, and the more I spoke with Roberto about it the more I could see his jaw clinch up.

She said her husband admitted that having his family in Sochi would bring stress, partly because of recent news.

We started paying some attention to it when the bombings were happening, said Carcelen.

In a just released video reportedly made before last months attack in Volgograd, two men claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing and warned more attacks were coming.

As travelers arrive in Sochi, security is tight and the search is on for the so called 'black widow.' The 22-year-old woman is a suspected suicide bomber who is possibly planning attacks on the Olympic games.

The Carcelen family will cheer on Roberto from a distance, closely watching the games in Sochi from their couch in Seattle.

It is nerve-racking for sure, said Carcelen. But knowing Putin's reputation, I kind of feel like he will stop at nothing to make sure those Olympics are secure.

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