LONGVIEW, Wash. A Longview man s creative crackling project has earned him big bucks and could give you some rest and relaxation, too.

George Ford, 46, spent nearly a year and $35,000 filming the perfect fireplace fire in his Longview home.

Then, he made it into an hour-long video called Fireplace for Your Home, which is similar to the popular Yule Log video from '60s that many people watch over the holidays.

Ford originally released the DVD in 2010 to Direct TV. He said it was actually a hard-sell, but it was all worth it in the end.

The fireplace video started to spread like wildfire after Netflix debuted a special movie trailer to promote it. Now, it's also available through Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Ford said he's enjoying the hot profits from his unique fireplace video. Netflix even made a mock Making the DVD video with an actor who portrayed Ford.

He was kind of making fun of me, but at the same time, it was really truthful because that's what I went through, Ford said with a smile. He [the actor] went through the woodpile and just started throwing wood out and I think I probably quit about a thousand times.

Ford also made a 3-D version for his biggest fans.

When asked how he made his fire burn so perfectly, Ford said he couldn't reveal his secret recipe, but did hint that using cedar as kindling helps.

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