PORTLAND -- If you looked outside Wednesday afternoon it would be hard to see why classes were canceled at Portland public schools. The sun was out and temperatures were in the 30s.

Portland Public Schools said several factors prompted the closures including slick roads where their buses are housed.

It started at 5:45 a.m. when the district decided to delay school 2 hours. Then, at 8:45 a.m. the district canceled school altogether.

District spokesperson Erin Hoover Barnett said the unpredictability of where it was going to be icy was a factor. Second, Barnett said, accidents and slick conditions on Columbia Boulevard, where the school buses are housed, also led to the decision to call off classes.

She said many of the bus drivers were concerned about conditions.

The late cancellation left many parents scrambling for child care and complaining on the PPS Facebook page.

Clearly it is a frustration, said Barnett. It can be a hardship. We don t wish to cause those things for folks in any way, but we also take seriously our responsibility for safety for our kids.

We asked the district if students would have to make this day up at the end of the school year and Barnett said no - because they already have snow days built into the schedule.

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