PORTLAND--A little girl from Lake Oswego is fighting back after being booted from Portland's Saturday Market for selling mistletoe. She's calling foul, the market is citing its rules.

One bag at a time, Madison Root is getting closer to her goal.

We have $4,800 more to go, said Root counting off how much money she has left to raise. I wanted to help raise money for my braces. I'm getting old enough where I feel like I can contribute in that way and it was something fun for us to do.

Her uncle had mistletoe growing on his Newberg farm and by selling each bag for $4 she made a pretty smart business plan.

I believe I can work for something that I want, she added.

Background: Girl shut down for selling mistletoe to try again

On Tuesday, the radio station 95.5 offered her a space at the Moda Center to sell her mistletoe after they saw what happened last weekend at Portland Saturday Market. She set up at the Skidmore Fountain, without paying the required $50 fee. and learned a hard lesson

He said that I couldn't sell, Root said. But I asked him about the panhandlers and the beggers and they can, but without giving anything in return.

So begging was legal-- but without paying a fee-- selling was not.

We've had children sell here before and have been quite successful but they have to pay a fee just like anybody else, said Paul Verhoeven who runs Portland Saturday Market and stands by the rules. I'm sorry if she got the impression that she couldn't be part of it, there's steps that need to be taken to play the game.

Root, who drew lots of customers outside the Moda Center on Tuesday night, was still a little perplexed by the irony.

People can beg but I can't work hard to get something for a good reason. I just think it's backwards, Root said.

She has set up a website where you can donate to her cause. The Portland Saturday Market said they've offered her the opportunity to apply for a space and waived the application fee of $25. But Root said she might turn them down, since Saturday she's raised $2000.

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