WEST LINN, Ore Police arrested three men and seized 10 pounds of marijuana and more than $18,000 in cash as part of a drug ring that ran out of a local high school, police said.

Police raided the homeof Francesco Romano Zorich, 51, on the 1300 block of Ninth Street in West Linn on Nov. 19. Police said Zorich hired high-school students to work at his marijuana-growing operation. Police seized nearly two pounds of marijuana and more than $3,500.

I ve heard numerous kids from inside and out of West Linn High School refer to our town as Weed Linn . This operation was partially responsible for that by supplying in excess of a pound a week of Marijuana into the high school , said for Detective Francis, former School Resource Officer at West Linn High School. Many of the arrangements to do deals were done during school hours.

Police reported that Zorich would pay workers in marijuana.

Police also arrested Nicholas William Joscelyn, 20, of West Linn and Conner Lee Krug, 21, of Eugene on Nov. 25. on drug trafficking charges related to the Zorich operation.

The three individuals in this case were clearly selling to kids in the West Linn community, said Chief Terry Timeus of the West Linn Police Department. Clearly, many of those kids have now been identified as either seller and/or users of the substances they bought from these individuals.

I ensure you that those that have been associating with these drug dealers, buying from these drug dealers or helping these drug dealers can expect a visit from the West Linn Police Department, Timeus said.

The investigation was ongoing.

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