MEDFORD, Ore There was a surprise delivery along Interstate 5 Wednesday, as a young mom-to-be just couldn't quite make it to the hospital in time.

A baby girl named Emma was born early Wednesday morning in Medford.

Rachael Metcalf went into labor early but as she rushed to the hospital Metcalf realized they wouldn't make it.

With a little help from her mother-in-law Metcalf gave birth right along the interstate.

I didn't care about the traffic going by. I wasn't embarrassed cause this happens, Rachael said. I mean not on the side of the freeway, but it happens.

Rachael's mother-in-law had called 9-1-1 but by the time paramedics arrived it was all over.

Everybody's doing just fine.

The Metcalf's named their new addition Emma but she s also got a nickname, I-5.

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