Voters passed a school bond in Lake Oswego on the Nov. 5 special election, re-elected Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, rejected GMO labeling and failed to disincorporate the Oregon city of Damascus.

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Vancouver mayor

Tim Leavitt won Vancouver mayor's race over Bill Turlay with 53 percent of the vote. Leavitt, now a second term mayor, differed with his opponent on his support for the current Columbia River Crossing project. The Columbian described the race as a face off between Leavitt and Clark County Commissioner David Madore that Leavitt handily won.

The mayoral election vote could be considered yet another referendum on the controversial CRC bridge proposal.

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County voters approved several non-binding advisory votes that gauge public sentiment on issue impacting the bridge. County voters said they want to be consulted if Vancouver moves forward with plans for either light-rail and bus rapid transit projects. Voter also apparently never met a toll-free bridge idea they didn't like. Clark County residents approved all three ideas for toll-free Columbia River bridges that were presented on the ballot.

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GMO measure has likely failed

A Washington state ballot measure requiring mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods has likely been defeated, according to the Seattle Times. The measure failed in all but four Washington counties, with the count at 55 to 45 on Wednesday morning.

The campaign over Initiative 522 has been one of the costliest initiative fights in state history, drawing millions of dollars from out of state.

The measure was failing 45 percent to 55 percent with more than 980,000 ballots counted Tuesday night.

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School bonds - Lake O passing, others failing

Lake Oswego's local option levy appeared to be the only school bond that passed, according to unofficial final results. It will raise $6 million each year for schools, or about 10 percent of the district s $59 million budget.

The Hillsboro school bond did not pass, and neither did the $210 million bond measure in the Gresham-Barlow School District or the $15 million Corbett school bond.

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City of Damascus

The effort to dissolve the tiny town of Damascus failed, due to low voter turnout.

Amajority of the nearly 7,000 registered voters needed to vote yes for the disincorporation effort to pass.

The city has led a troubled past. In 2000, the Metro regional government planned a major urban expansion for 18,000 acres of the then-unincorporated Clackamas County. The expansion came with plans for an eco-friendly community. Residents fought off the plan by forming their own city in 2004. Since then the city has been mired in political intransigence.

A statement issued by the Clackamas County Board said it supported the voters deciscion to keep Damascus as a municipality.

We acknowledge the strong feeling held by those on both sides..., the statement said. Hopefully tonight's vote will be the first step towards resolving longstanding issues.

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