FAIRVIEW, Ore. -- Three people were arrested in connection with the murder of Tiffany Jenks, 35, whose body was found last week at the entrance to Blue Lake Park.

Two of the people were taken into custody in the Portland area Thursday evening and a third was arrested in California, Fairview police told KGW.

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Joshua Robinett, 38, and Michelle Karine Worden-Brosey, 40, were being held on accusations of conspiracy to commit murder and hindering prosecution. Both were booked into the jail early Friday morning.

Daniel Bruynell, 25, was taken into custody in California early Thursday afternoon. He was being held Friday morning in the Alameda County jail in Santa Rita, Calif., according to the Multnomah County District Attorney's office.

Warrants for their arrests were issued Oct. 11.

Robinett and Wodern-Brosey were interviewed earlier by Multnomah County Sheriff's Office investigators at a Kelso, Wash., motel, according to a report in the Longview Daily News.

The newspaper cited a Kelso police report that said another person of interest in the case, Bruynell, had fled to California.

On the night of her murder, the four of them had met at a Portland strip club, then walked to a second strip club, leaving in a car about 2 a.m. It was the last time Jenks was seen alive. She died of a gunshot wound.

Police have declined to provide any information about a motive in the killing.

Family says Jenks' promising life took bad turn

Jenks had five siblings and grew up in Corvallis. She graduated with a science degree from Portland State University and according to her family, had worked as a hydrologist for the Bonneville Power Administration until 2010 when her father passed away from brain cancer. Tiffany was very shaken up by it and left her job to travel and think, her sister Jennifer Jenks said.

We're just all still in shock and trying to comprehend this whole thing and figure it out, her sister told KGW from her home in Hines, Ore. What happened to her? She was a lot of fun, she was a good person and she had a good heart. She didn't deserve this, whatever happened to her, she didn't deserve this.

Jenks was also an avid runner in Portland. Her sister said Tiffany didn't have a car so the family was unsure about how she ended up in Fairview or if she had connections there.

Jennifer admitted that Tiffany was a recovering alcoholic and had problems relapsing. She also recently started hanging out with some bad people.

She liked to meet people and a lot of the people she'd meet were good people but every once in a while she'd meet someone who wasn't good, Jennifer said. Tiffany had said there were some other people that had come into her life that she felt were dangerous.

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