VANCOUVER Investigators believe one woman stole 80 pounds of mail from a Vancouver neighborhood over the past few months.

The thefts happened in the small neighborhood near northwest Vancouver s Franklin Park.

Some of the people whose mail was stolen have already become victims of identity theft. Police said the suspect stole and cashed several pre-approved credit card checks, and filled out credit card applications.

Vancouver police detectives said there were about 40 victims.

Police were working to track down the suspect, whose name has not been released.

Most people who steal mail are pretty savvy on identity theft, said Kim Kapp with the Vancouver Police Department.

Officers were also talking to neighbors and ensuring there were no additional victims.

Many of the victims appear to be concentrated in the neighborhood where the mail was located, however due to the large number of items recovered there may be victims outside of that area, said Kapp.

Some homeowners in the area said using locked mailboxes makes them feel more secure.

I like the locking mailbox, said Ruth Estes, a Cherry Street resident. I guess trusting people only goes so far.

All the evidence has been logged and was sent to post office inspectors.

Anyone who might be a victim was urged to call the police.


KGWreporter Abbey Gibb contributed to this report.

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