HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A man with a gun has a local school district changing the way it deals with school lockdowns.

Hillsboro said it won't wait for police if they see anyone near a school with a gun.

A man carrying a rifle near R.A. Brown Middle School Tuesday and Thursday prompted lockdown calls. The man wasn t breaking any laws, but school officials said it doesn t matter.

From now on they ll lock their doors when faced with a similar situation.

Police said they fielded about six calls on Tuesday and eight more Thursday about the same man carrying a rifle on Cornelius Pass Road.

Officers talked to the man and determined he wasn t doing anything illegal, but despite that, school officials put the middle school along with Imlay Elementary School on lockout status, meaning all students are brought inside and exterior doors are locked.

District officials said they ll now start doing that, anytime a person with a gun is outside their schools.

We will not to have recess or PE outside on the grounds, said district Director of Safety and Operations Casey Waletich. But instruction will take place as normal in the building.

I completely support it. I would rather them be safe than sorry. If they need to lock my children down to keep them safe, they do whatever they need to do to keep them safe, said parent Jodi Felzien.

Police said even though the man wasn t breaking any laws, they understand these types of situations do cause some alarm.


KGW reporter Mark Hanrahan contributed to this report.

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