PORTLAND, Ore. -- A bar owner has been ordered to pay $400,000 to a group of cross-dressers he banned from his club last year.

The Bureau of Labor and Industries civil rights division imposed the penalty against Chris Penner, owner of the Twilight Room Annex, also known as the P Club, on North Lombard Street.

Penner had told members of the Rose City T-Girls they could not return to his bar.

Penner's lawyer, Johnathan Radmacher, told KGW Friday that Penner called the Rose City T-Girls because they had driven away all of the bar's other Friday night business.

He did not exclude them and did not intend to exclude them; he simply asked that they not use the P Club on Friday nights because it had killed his business, Radmacher said.

Radmacher also said it was no surprise that the Commissioner of Labor and Industries, Brad Avakian, brought the complaint to court, or that Mr. Avakian's hand-picked deputy then found in favor of Mr. Avakian.

It's not what anyone would want to consider due process, Radmacher said.

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