PORTLAND-- A Portland cab driver has lost his taxi license after he was accused of leaving a couple on the side of Interstate 84 because they were gay.

The City of Portland Regulatory Division said Wednesday that Ahmed Egal's license would be permanently revoked because he failed to get his customers to their destination safely.

One of the women involved said the cab driver kicked her and her girlfriend out after he realized they were gay.

The cab driver saw us being affectionate and took offense to that, said Kate Neal. He started shouting really hurtful, mean and really homophobic remarks at us. We really didn't feel safe in the cab.

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But Egal said he stopped the car and called 911 because the women were being abusive.

These people are real, real drunk. And so mean, he said during the 911 call. And I'm getting tired of it. They want to jump out of the car.

Egal said the women got out of the vehicle and he waited as another Broadway Cab driver arrived. After speaking with Egal, that driver also refused to give them a ride.

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Investigators said the incident violated city code, but added that discrimination was not a factor in the decision to revoke Egal's permit. Broadway Cab was fined $1,000.

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