NEWBERG, Ore. -- A Newberg mom and avid blogger s determination has made getting a driving permit easier for every adopted child in Oregon.

Beth Woolsey was excited to be a part of her daughter s big day when 15-year-old Abby recently went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for her learner s permit.

Abby passed the test and they were filling out the paperwork, when boxes on a form caught their attention. It asked if Beth was Abby s legal guardian, biological parent or adoptive parent.

This shocked Beth because she knew her rights should not be any different, even though Abby was adopted.

Beth checked the adoptive parent box anyway, and let it go. But when they turned in the form, the clerk said they may need more documentation.

Beth was so bothered that she wrote about in on her blog and called the DMV, expecting to get the runaround.

I was prepared to feel self righteous about the red tape and bureaucracy that I was going to have to navigate, she said. In fact, none of my expectations were met fortunately.

She was pleased that the folks at DMV headquarters listened and called back the same day.

They told her after discussing the issue, the DMV decided to change the form and adoptive parents would no longer be required to provide extra documentation.

When she [Woolsey] called and told me, I said 'that s an easy fix!' Typically they re not easy fixes but this one had a great outcome and was easy for us to do, said Becky Renniger, a policy and operations analyst with DMV.

Now adoptive families across the state will benefit from Woolsey s determination.

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