HILLSBORO --The roaring Patriot Jet team thrilled a big crowd at the Oregon International Air Show Saturday, and the crowd across the street at the Washington County fair also enjoyed the overhead show.

Hillsboro is the place to be this weekend, said Steve Callaway with the air show.

The loud jets and acrobatic planes are thrilling, but they do create challenges for farm animals at the fair. There are no small animals like rabbits, dogs and cats at the fair this year because of the noise.

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We were not sure how they would react with all the jets and fireworks going on, said Taylin Minnart with the Barnyard Pals 4H Club.

For safety, the large animals are being locked up and cared for during the loud airshow performances.

We lock all the doors. We put superintendents outside to watch, and we have vets walking around to make sure all the horses, lambs, goats and pigs are doing OK, said Emily Cackler with Banks Barn Busters.

It's not an ideal situation, but the air show picked the same week as the fair because the Blue Angels requested it early in the year. Then, Congress ended up grounding the Angels.

Sequestration hit and that was in April and by then its too late to change, said Callaway.

When the Angels perform in Hillsboro more than 100,000 fans show up. This year, without them, the crowd appeared a bit smaller on Saturday, but no official numbers will be released until the air show wraps up on Sunday.

Despite the unfortunate scheduling, the air show and the fair are working together to make the very best of the situation. Folks attending both events were having a great time this weekend. In fact some families traveled across the street to the fair after the Patriot Jet team wrapped up Saturday afternoon.

The Oregon International Air Show and the Washington County fair both continue on Sunday.

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