PORTLAND Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen took a work-related trip to Atlanta in 2012 with Sonia Manhas, whom he admitted to having an affair with earlier this week.

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Cogen and Manhas sat next to each other on the Portland to Phoenix leg of their flight and stayed in hotel rooms for two nights on the same floor of the Crowne Plaza in Atlanta, according to documents released to KGW by Multnomah County.

The two spent a total of $2,238.36 on the trip, which included hotel rooms, transportation, per diem and baggage fees, expense reports from Multnomah County show.

Cogen's expense report | Manhas' expense report

Cogen and Manhas were attending the Communities Putting Prevention to Work conference from February 6 through the 8, hosted by the Centers for Disease Control.

The latest details of Cogen and Manhas trip to Atlanta come on the heels of Cogen admitting to an 18-month affair with Manhas, a county employee.

The Multnomah County Attorney s Office said it has begun an official investigation into their relationship.

On Thursday, KGW reported Jeff Cogen was one of two references listed on Sonia Manhas application for a job promotion. Cogen has denied that their relationship played any role in Manhas getting the job. Documents obtained by KGW also suggested that there was no connection.

Background: Cogen was reference on Manhas' job application

Earlier in the week Multnomah County commissioners expressed disappointment over Cogen s conduct but have not recommended he resign.

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