SALEM Television show producers and movie makers in Oregon are celebrating after legislators voted to expand incentive funds for movie and television projects.

Lawmakers just recently bumped the Oregon Production Investment Fund from $6 million to $10 million a year.

Companies that choose to film in Oregon can get rebates depending on the amount they spend. For a TV program like Grimm, which is a $50 million production, that rebate can be sizable.

The increase in the fund will also help bring in other production companies that might not otherwise consider Oregon as a place to do their filming.

Come October, when the bill becomes law, we'll be able to go after some new projects that we're already talking to people about, explained Vince Porter, Executive Director for the Governor's Office of Film & Television.

Producers have said that the diversity of filming locations is another benefit which draws them to Oregon, along with the skilled production crews and camera and lighting equipment companies here.

Five percent of the expanded fund will now be set aside to fund local productions.

Grimm will start production for its fall season next Monday. Portlandia also recently earned the thumbs up for two more seasons in the Rose City.

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