NEWBERG, Ore. -- June is a popular month for families hiring movers to help them relocate across the country. It s also a time when complaints about moving companies skyrocket.

Lisa Sanders recently moved to Newberg, Ore. from Arizona and said she had a nightmare experience with a moving company from Eugene.

She claimed they tried to double the cost of the move, they delivered her things two weeks late and they lost 45 of her boxes. She said she was considering a lawsuit.

For its part, the company argued that Sanders tried to double the size of her load without paying extra money. They also said if she is missing items she should file a claim, which they will forward to a third party to sort out. The company is also considering a lawsuit.

The Oregon Better Business Bureau said episodes like this are great reminders to check out several moving companies before commiting to work with one.

Here are some sources to help you do just that:

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