PORTLAND --Adorned in Grace, non-profit bridal shop in Raleigh Hills, gives once used gowns another walk down the aisle.

The store saves brides-to-be money, but it also helps some of Portland s most vulnerable women.

Now, going from I do to I donate is becoming a trend. More brides are turning their big day into a big way, so others can benefit.

Selling is the mission behind Adorned in Grace bridal shop in Beaverton. They use profits from donated once-down the aisle wedding dresses and donated new ones from area shops to help fund projects that help local girls and women affected by human trafficking.

The 2,800 square foot shop has donated space in Raleigh Hills thanks to Fred Meyer. The all-volunteer staff of 24 runs the shop six days a week. The shop is filled with dresses and formal wear, many from well-known designers.

We help organizations that provide shelter and resources to actual survivors of human trafficking. Some of those are underage teenage girls. Some of those are adult victims of surviving, said Linda Tribbett, co-founder of Adorned in Grace.

Most of the dresses sell from around $100 to $400, but there are many surprises through the store. One dress was originally $6,000 and sold at the store for $1,000.

The store is giving a 20-percent discount during their second anniversary.

KGW reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.

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