ST HELENS, Ore. -- A shiny blue balloon hangs from a tree in St. Helens.

I can't believe it traveled all the way from Aloha, said Robin Harrison who launched the balloon more than 30 miles away on what would have been her murdered son's 18th birthday.

I don't necessarily believe in a specific religion, but I believe loved ones look over us when they pass, she said.

Robin's son Forest Snow Bailey was killed in Olympia , Wash. last October. His remains were found burned in a barrel. Three homeless teens are charged in his killing, and the heartbroken mom was dreading this Mother's day, the first without Forest.

I talk to him before I go to sleep and I was telling him I want you to come to me in my dreams and let me know you are OK. Well he didn't come in my dreams, said Harrison.

Instead, Forest's message would arrive in a more physical way.

Robin didn't know it at the time, but Forest's balloon had been discovered on Michelle Snow's animal rescue farm in St. Helens.

We sent many balloons up for loved ones and thought how wonderful it would be to let the person know we found it, so I Googled the name on the balloon and discovered what happened to him. It was just awful, said Snow.

Remember Forest's middle name was Snow and he loved animals -- especially pot-bellied pigs.

Michelle Snow, while on her farm that rescues potbellied pigs, went to Facebook where she quickly tracked down Robin and gave her the amazing news.

It's a clear message from him. There is no other way to explain it. He's telling me he's OK, said an emotional Harrison.

The balloon was kept hanging on what Snow calls the farms soul tree. It's decorated with reminders of all the animals that have been on the farm since it started 17 years ago. Remember Forest was 17.

Forest's younger brother Julian Loveless noticed another coincidence.

It's also coincidental this farm is on a street named Robin, Robinette street, said Loveless.

Oh my God, said Forest's mother Robin.

I didn't think it would ever happen, but it did. I got Forest's balloon and it means Forest is here and this is easily the best Mother's Day ever, said Harrison as she hugged her new friend Michelle Snow.

It's my best Mother's Day ever too, said Snow

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