HILLSBORO, Ore. Former University of Oregon football player Cliff Harris was arrested Friday night outside of Buffalo Wild Wings in Hillsboro for domestic harassment.

Harris was arrested at 10:05 p.m. after he was seen and heard arguing with his girlfriend in the restaurant, said Lt. Henry Reimann with the Hillsboro Police Department.

Harris and his girlfriend went out to the parking lot where Harris was reportedly seen pushing her around, Reimann said.

Harris girlfriend did not press charges. The arrest was based on what witnesses saw. Harris was then bailed out of jail. He has a court date Tuesday morning.

Harris was dismissed from the Ducks football program in 2011 for violation of team rules after a series of traffic-related offenses, including driving over 100 mph on Interstate 5 with a suspended license.

He was cut from the New York Jets last weekend after he and teammate Claude Davis were arrested on accusations of marijuana possession.

Harris had a troubled tenure at Oregon.

He was the driver, with a suspended license, in the we smoked it all traffic stop of August 2011 by Oregon State Police. The trooperasked Harris and others in the car why are you guys smoking dope driving home at 118 miles an hour.

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He also irritated coach Chip Kelly with premature references to the possibility of a national championship, or natty as Harris called it.

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