PORTLAND -- Today's temperatures in Portland almost broke the record for hottest Cinco de Mayo ever. The record is 87 degrees and KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill says we almost hit that mark Sunday.

The east winds again made for a beautiful day at the coast with clear skies and several beaches seeing 80 degrees for the second day in a row.

The hot weather won't last forever, but its still going to be nice through the week. Monday is expected to stay in the 80s with the rest of the week cooling off into the mid 70s.

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Saturday was the unofficial start to boating season with hundreds of people around Portland launching their water crafts into rivers and lakes around the area. Sunday was another great day to get out on the water, boat or not.

People also flocked to popular swimming holes like High Rocks on the Clackamas River and Glenn Otto Park on the Sandy River. But be advised, because of snow melts, waters are very cold and there are no lifeguards.

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Down at Waterfront Park was the Cinco de Mayo fiesta that has live music, great food and rides. For those who stayed in the city the 29th annual event was a blast.

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