PORTLAND -- Following the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon, organizers of several local races have said their upcoming events will go on as planned, but with extra security measures in place.

Eugene Marathon officials issued a statement expressing compassion for those impacted by the bombings Monday, as did many in the close-knit Oregon track community. Organizers say they will work with authorities to make sure the event, during the last weekend of April, is safe for participants and spectators.

The Portland Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon is scheduled for May 19, and is part of Portland's annual Rose Festival. An event announcement Monday said security protocols and safety procedures were being reviewed.

About a month later, on June 16, the Vancouver U.S.A. Marathon will go on as planned, event officials said, but security will be increased.

The Portland Marathon will not take place until October 6, and no changes have been announced, but organizers said the race will be run in honor of the victims in the Boston tragedy.

We will dedicate our Portland Marathon in October to the memory of all those impacted by this tragic Boston event. And we will provide all our finishers with a token that carries forward the remembrance of those who suffered in Boston, said spokesman Les Smith

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The police chief of Spokane, Wash., said there will be a heightened police presence during the upcoming Bloomsday run on May 5. Chief Frank Straub told an impromptu news conference that he had been briefed on the Boston bombings and said his department would take whatever steps are appropriate to ensure safety. The 12-kilometer race typically draws tens of thousands of participants.

In January 2011, a backpack with explosives was left along the planned route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Unity March in Spokane. It was found and disabled before it could explode. Kevin Harpham was sentenced to 32 years in prison in that case.

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