WOODBURN,Ore. -- Jim Barber and his wife moved to the Estates Golf and Country Club in Woodburn for peace and quiet. They are not getting that because things are changing.

Broke in the side window there, said Barber. They went through the glove compartment and the console and flipped down the visor looking for money or something.

Car prowls, break-ins, and graffiti are just some of the crimes popping up in the 55 and over community. Detectives say there has been a 78 percent jump in crime since the beginning of 2012.

This is a kind of glimpse of the economy in general, said Sgt. NickWilson of the Woodburn Police Department. The economy is taking a dive.

At nightIsee a lot of people walking through here, added resident Jim Frogge.

Frogge is so upset about the danger that he wants to do nightly patrols in the neighborhood.

Just the other day my wife said 'let's move,' said Frogge. We thought this was a safe community.

Barber and his wife share those thoughts. They hope the crime stops.

It's getting too weird around here, he said. People breaking into stuff.

The Woodburn PoliceDepartment has stepped up patrols in the area.

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