BEAVERTON, Ore. Police have arrested two people suspected in a string of fraud cases, ID thefts and package thefts in Beaverton and Washington County dating back to 2012.

Gina Lunetta, 40, and Vyacheslav Stan Malik, 29, both of Milwaukie, were lodged at the Washington County Jail on multiple charges.

Among other crimes, police believe Lunetta and Malik were stealing packages off people s front porches and then selling them on eBay. That included $2,050 worth of optometry equipment stolen from outside a Beaverton home.

Investigators said they found one of the stolen optometry items on eBay with matching serial numbers and tracked it to the duo.

Then, investigators searched the pair s motel room at Kings Row Inn and found a large number of additional stolen items, according to Mike Rowe with the Beaverton Police Department.

The Beaverton Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff's Office are currently trying to identify the owners of the recovered items.

Police have not yet released additional information about the fraud cases and ID thefts.

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