PORTLAND -- A man was rushed to the hospital late Wednesday night after getting burned in a fire at his Southeast Portland home.

A neighbor spotted smoke coming from the bedroom of the house at 2934 SE Berkeley Place just before 11 p.m. and alerted authorities.

The lone occupant escaped the fire but did suffer burns. The man, described only as being in his 60s, was transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital for treatment. No further updates have been released on his condition.

Investigators believe a cigarette sparked the fire. The damage was mostly contained to an upstairs bedroom.

Firefighters said it was especially difficult to fight the blaze due to all the clutter inside the home. They said the house was filled with trash and other things that got in their way.

What we encountered was there was a lot of trash and debris. The firefighters had a hard time, especially making it up that stairwell to the second floor, said Lt. Rich Chatman with Portland Fire & Rescue.

A neighbor said the man had fallen on hard times recently, rarely came out of his home anymore and no longer had trash service.

Authorities said hoarding can create dangerous situations for not only firefighters, but the homeowners, too. They encourage people to get help for themselves and their homes if they have a problem.

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