PORTLAND -- Portland is known as the Rose City, but on Sunday it looked more like the Green City.

St. Patrick s Day is always a big deal, but between the Shamrock Run, the parades, green beer, and all those pledging Erin go bragh, Sunday's holiday was taken to a new level.

Almost every downtown restaurant and pub was packed with folks overflowing with fun.

In Northeast Portland, the Ireland Cultural Society helped put on a parade where more people seemed to be participating than watching.

The 35th Annual Shamrock Run brought swells of people downtown with estimates of 35,000 taking to the streets. Several roads were closed for much of the morning.

The Shamrock Run included five events: the 15k Shamrock Challenge, the 8k Shamrock Race, the 1k Leprechaun Lap, the 5k Shamrock Run and the 5k Shamrock Stride.

Your Pics: 35th Annual Shamrock Run

Buses and MAXlines were crowded during the event, with up to 14,000 more riders than on a typical Sunday.

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