PORTLAND -- A fugitive was arrested at a Northeast Portland hotel Thursday morning after barricading himself in a room and claiming to be armed, police said.

A Special Emergency Reaction Team was called at 11:30 Wednesday night to the report that a wanted man was staying with his runaway teen sister in the Travelodge Motel at 3828 NE 82nd Avenue, said Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson.

SERT officers arriving at the scene learned that 34-year-old James David Tautfest had barricaded himself in a room and said he was armed. The hotel was quickly evacuated and Tautfest released his sister, but still refused to come out.

During the standoff Tautfest, who was high on methamphetamine, kicked a hole in the hotel wall, entered an adjacent attic, crashed through the floor and entered the weight room below, Simpson said. He then climbed back through the floor and crawled back into the room.

After two hours, police officers and U.S. Marshals deployed tear gas into the room. Tautfest surrendered and was taken into custody. He was jailed on warrants from Washington for identity theft, forgery, theft and drug possession.

Police searched the hotel, but did not find a weapon.


KGWReporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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